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2009-10-24 21:11:04 by PirateJenkins


Just joined up to newgrounds - And loving it!

2009-03-21 19:54:07 by PirateJenkins

Well I signed up to Newgrounds recently and I am really enjoying it. I have only put up two flash movies, my first and second ever made, and they have been met with good responses and constructive critism. I couldnt believe how quickly it got like 10 reviews! Very pleasing to see.

Anyway, working on a new flash game now where you play as a barbarian peasant whose home is invaded so you don a knight helmet you find in a trunk at home and go out to beat people up.
So far i have completed:
-movement for the hero
-attacking for the hero
-health bar for the hero
-death for the hero

I will continue to work on it until it's finished or I get bored. Also i'm going to submit some of the silly flash games i have made. :)